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SABIENDAS (GERMANY) Old school death metal
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Old School Death Metal
SABIENDAS are five Death-Metal-Maniacs from the Ruhr-Area in Germany. Their stylistic bastard could have sprung from the freezing coast of Sweden as well as the sultry marshes of Florida, which does not mean that one can pinpoint their style or confine their music to one specific slot. Especially the infectious grooves and merciless explosive blastbeats characterize the band.

SABIENDAS was founded in 2006 by the guitarist Alexandra. The band started building up their reputation by performing concerts in local underground clubs and they soon had many followers. In 2009 their first EP „Buried Alive” came onto the market, which was gratefully accepted and hailed by all. Since their foundation in 2006, the band line-up has undergone several changes which has led to the highly creative and improved band of today. In late summer 2012 SABIENDAS found the right Label and signed at BretHard-Records and released their first Album „Restored to Live” in February 2013 Encouraged by the positive response through national and international print- and online media and as a result of the ever growing fan base, SABIENDAS keeps focusing on live gigs and becoming more established and well-known in Germany and all over the world. Show and stage presence is what has made the band popular and respected. That is what SABIENDAS is, a Live-Band! SABIENDAS feels most at home and connected to their keen fans and the Metal-Underground. A second album is planned to be released in the autumn of 2014.

Vocals – Jan
Guitar – Alex
Guitar – Christian
Bass – F.T.
Drums – Toni

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